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"Just to say it's now well over a year since you fitted the cavity tray to the wall above our conservatory and it's been bone dry ever since. Before finding your company I had approached others who said it couldn't be retro-fitted - and you've proved them wrong."

Thanks again for a remarkable product and great service!

Julian Skellett.

"I just wanted to thank you for the very professional job that you and Tom did on my kitchen/garden extension. Your communication from start to finish was outstanding, which is always a good sign. You have done a very neat job, not to mention the patination not just of your own lead flashing but of the whole lead roof, and the fact that you offer a 10 year guarantee without being asked for it gives me a great deal of confidence and peace of mind. I look forward now to not having to re-plaster and redecorate so often to cover the unsightly water damage problem that has plagued us for years. Your minimally invasive solution was little more than one third as expensive as the conventional repair job I was quoted for."

Many Thanks

Howard Gleave.
Burnham Market, Norfolk

"Just a quick note to thank you for installing the cavity tray you did for us over the conservatory near Didcot, the previous conservatory regularly leaked but now the new building is completely dry. Well done, your help was quick and efficient."

All the best

Mike Harvey-Rice.
Paragon Windows.

"After we had our conservatory built we noticed water leaking into the now internal wall. The builders failed to mention this! We contacted Cavity tray man and they informed us that they could eradicate the problem! After only a days work the problem was solved and we have had no water coming into the conservatory!"

By having this done has meant the internal wall is now truly internal with no damp!! Great work and friendly chaps! Would highly recommend this company because this is the less intrusive method which means no ripping bricks out as with other methods.

Thanks again.

Mr R Hunt.
Heywood, Lancs.

"Just to let you know that your Cavity Wall tray intervention on our conservatory has been excellent!"

We were at the end of our tether when it rained as we had so many leaks you could not see the floor for buckets catching the drips. We had been advised to have new windows (which we did), paint the walls and spray the walls.

None of this worked. When I contacted you, you explained exactly what was needed in terms which even I as a non-technical person could understand.

You then spent a few hours installing your brilliant system and we have been fine ever since. We still cannot believe the difference it has made, allowing us to use our Conservatory all year round.

Many thanks for a first class product and service


Ian and Barbara Hagain.
Southgate, Swansea.

"Myself and Maria wanted to express sincere thanks for finally fixing our recurring leak. As we told you there have been countless builders who have tried all manners of cures without any success at all. I must admit after the previous attempts made I was somewhat dubious about your success but with recent horrendous weather and not a single drip or damp patch made I'm convinced your SMART TRAY© has done the job."

You and your company were so courteous and obliging performing a first class job covering the old flashing marks completely leaving a really neat finish to a once unsightly patchy area. After every man and his dog tried and failed your team fixed it at last.

Many Thanks.

Mike and Maria Briscoe.
Bolton, Lancashire.

"I would like to thank you very much for the recent work that you did in sorting out the problems that had arisen with our conservatory, and I am more than happy for you to use this as testament to the excellent work that you and Dave did"

Earlier this year, my wife and I took the decision to have the outhouse knocked down and a conservatory built.The views are excellent, and the garden is south facing.The only drawback is the because of its open nature, it is subject to both heavy winds and rain when the weather is as such.

We commissioned the outhouse to be knocked down and the conservatory to be built on to the gable wall of the house.The scope of work was seen by 2 separate builders prior to the start, but at no time was it mentioned that due to the force of the weather, cavity trays may be needed in the gable wall.

The Outhouse was duly knocked down and the consevatory built..........then the rains came. It leaked from numerous places, and above the door frame it literally poured in. This went on for some time with no satisfactory solution in sight,until it was mentioned that we may need cavity trays!! It was explained that this meant taking a course of brick out and replacing them with trays to catch and repel the water seeping inside the bricks.It was further explained that it may take some time, as it was a drawn out,time consuming and messy task.

My wife went on to the internet, found your good selves and arranged an appointment.

I was impressed by your professional approach and confidence that you could resolve the problem. In the end, if you recall it took you less than 4 hours to complete the job.The fact that you used 'smart trays' meant that the job was completed a lot quicker, neater and definitely less messy.The cost is no greater than the traditional method and leaves a very neat job. This last week has been a tester for it with the weather, and despite my initial trepidation, the conservatory is 100% dry- so much so that it wll be painted this week and the floor laid. Once again thank you for all your help and expertise - Happy for you to let anyone contact me independently to see what a difference the trays made.

Best Wishes

Ted Platt.
Shaw, Lancashire.

"Thank you very much Martyn for doing an excellent job. Our window has leaked for 2yrs and the advice we had been given was unsatisfactory. Thanks to your brilliant invention it is now perfectly dry. We can hardly believe it "

The job was done on time and with efficiency. I can only praise Cavity Tray Man !

Sincere Thanks.

Mrs Mills.
Billinge, Wigan, Lancashire.

Hi Martyn

Many thanks for the letter. Gives me the confidence now to pursue the issue. I will keep you informed of the outcome.

Could I also add that we have had two days of hard rain, sleet and mucky snow and YIPEE the conservatory is dry as a bone. Thank you so much
for your efficient and swift service. You also have made a good general impression on the neighbours and to be honest us southerners are a hard bunch to please. Seriously I am so pleased and know Charles and his wife are also. If there is somewhere I can formally comment please let me know and I will do so.

Kind Regards

Mrs Roylance.
Barton on Sea, Bournemouth.

Hi Martyn

Just a note to let you know our sun lounge has had a good weather test over the last few days with heavy rain together with high wind from the south west, conditions which used to cause water ingress. The room has remained bone dry. Many thanks for fitting the cavity trays and solving the problem we have had to live with for a number of years. Please feel free to add us to your testimonials as another satisfied customer.


Peter Scurfield.
Northallerton, North Yorkshire.

To Martyn and Team

I would like to thank you and the team for a professional job that was done well. I have waited till we had the heavy rain that would lead to water ingress and I am pleased to say that no ingress occurred. Before contacting "cavitytrayman" we had tried pointing up the offending wall and renewing all lead work over the bay, none of these measures solved the problem (but cost thousands).

The Cavitytrayman team arrived on time, explained (in plain English) what they would do, did a very neat job ensuring that no damage was done to our garden, cleaned up after the project and this was done at the agreed price. It is nice to do business with a professional company.

Kind Regards

Mick Gribby.

To Martyn

I Would like to take the opportunity to say how grateful we are for your thorough service throughout. It would appear that it is working already given the torrential downpours we’ve had in the past 24 hours and no sign of damage in the kitchen, so a huge THANKYOU!!


Gareth Zallman.

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