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Cavity Trays - Why Fit a Cavity Tray

A cavity tray is the only permanent solution to penetrating dampness on properties where a cavity wall has been built against.

Basically when you build a new extension or conservatory against an existing house wall (cavity wall) you are turning an exterior wall into an interior wall.

Although in some cases where the building is sheltered from severe weather a standard lead flashing may be adequate. The only sure way to ensure the building remains water tight is to fit a 'Cavity Wall Tray'. As a damp proof course prevents rising damp in cavity walls, a cavity wall tray prevents water soaking downwards allowing the water to escape through weep holes above the new building / roof etc.

Traditional cavity trays require part of the existing wall to be removed for their installation leaving evidence of the works once making good has taken place i.e. cement colour variation.

The SMART TRAY© patented system is a self supporting non intrusive cavity wall tray which in most cases can be installed directly through a single cut in the exterior wall. The unique design has been proven throughout the UK over the last 20 years.

Full professional nationwide installation service provided by third generation builders. Experienced Tradesmen and Unique Product = Ideal Solution !

Patent No. GB2371568

The SMART TRAY© cavity wall system complies fully with building regulations BS 5628-3:2001
Part A Cavity trays over cavity bridges.
Part A Cavity trays at roof abutments.

Please contact Mr. M. Hamer LCGI on 01204 883867

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